Many farmers have used Pacific Gro liquid organic fertilizer in comparison trials with other fish fertilizers. They tell us it’s the most effective and the most bio-active of any. Crop response is often dramatic in the first season. Farmers focused on regenerating the health of their soil and maintaining healthy soil biology often adopt a protocol of 4 to 8 applications per year, during the growing season and also post-harvest.

Improved soil health and increased diversity of soil micro-organisms will increase the efficiency of other fertilizers and soil amendments. Pacific Gro hydrolysate helps beneficial fungi grow, which builds soil organic matter. Over time the soil’s water retention capacity will also increase. The yield and value of all crops will benefit – whether farmed organically or conventionally.

I have been impressed by my cherry orchard’s response to Pacific Gro’s hydrolysate.  Regular feeding of the product by foliar and fertigation during the season has  promoted vigorous branch and root growth, increased fruit size a half to full row, made fruit significantly firmer and also helped trees recover from a devastating freeze this past winter. I have found that post-harvest feedings, which we apply up to leaf drop, are of critical importance to improving next year’s crop.

Mike Omeg, Omeg Orchards, The Dalles, Oregon

We have been using Pacific Gro’s Oceanic hydrolysate on our orchards for two years.   We are seeing, particularly with our avocados, new life in the soil that results in increased water retention. We have reduced the amount of water normally applied dramatically. The avocados themselves are abundant and the quality is the best we have experienced. Our grapefruit and persimmons crops are showing similar results.

Adam Sands, Morningstar Ranch, Valley Center, California

Highest bio activity of all fish we have tried

EarthFort, Corvallis, Oregon

I am very happy with the results I have been getting from using Pacific Gro Oceanic Hydrolysate. My root systems are bigger and my overall plant health is much better.  

Greg Payne, GSP Farms, Caldwell, Idaho

The Skeena (cherry) trees treated with your liquid fish had substantially more vigor and fruit size than the untreated trees. There was approximately 20% more branch growth and larger leaves on the treated trees. Fruit size was also about 1/2 row size (1.5mm or so) larger. … I must admit that I was shocked how dramatic an impact fish had this year …

A highly respected cherry farmer in Oregon noticed vigorous response to Pacific Gro's fish fertilizer already in the first season. Then they trialed the Liquid Oceanic Fertilizer in 2013 and 2014

Your fish fertilizer is doing amazing things. Our berries are already bigger than everyone else's and we have gobs of them. I know the warm spring has a lot to do with it but the fish fertilizer has really enhanced what we have. Looking forward to trying out the crab. Thanks a lot, it looks like we will be seeing a lot of each other.

Julie Rhoads