Application Advice

For application rates on various crops, please review the application guide and follow the advice of a consultant or someone familiar with biological farming practices.

Application Guide

Using biological products like Pacific Gro is a bit more complicated than using soluble synthetics.
Please keep the following tips in mind.

Mix product well before use.
The fish oil content causes separation of a dark aqueous layer from the emulsified product. Pacific Gro quickly returns to a colloidal suspension upon mixing. In tanks and totes, this is best done by circulation pump, by pumping out of the lower valve and back into the top.  A wand that injects compressed air into the bottom of totes also works – though it’s messy if not done right.  Check out this device made by our dealer New Deal Grain in Texas  (link). Shaking jugs works great.  Shaking totes on a forklift is sometimes done, though not the best.

Mix with the right amount of water
See the application guide linked above. Use up all product that has been diluted. When pH exceeds 4 the biology gets active and will cause diluted product to foam and expand. If fungal mycelia grows or a crust forms on product that’s been exposed to air or diluted above pH 4, the product is still good for plants and soil, but may not flow well.

Flush drip lines well after use
Bioactive products like Pacific Gro can form slime in lines and screens. Flushing well with water works, though people often use line cleaner products.  For organic line cleaner, we have had good results with Yucca Extract. 

Thoroughly clean and rinse out any tanks or totes before filling.  
Clogging of screens is often due to particles picked up in dirty containers.  Hot water pressure washing works well.  A curved tip or tote washing ball helps clean the corners.

Jar test any blends to prevent clogging of drip lines or spray nozzles. 
High phos. fertilizers like 10-34-0 and 6-22-6  should not be mixed with Pacific Gro.  Phosphate soap residue also causes precipitation of solids. High pH irrigation water can also cause precipitation. Use a coarse screen downstream of injection. 

Ground Application Sprayers  
To avoid screen clogging:  Circulate product, dilute at least 10:1 in water, change main pump screen to 40 – 50 mesh, remove screens from valves and tips, use 15 – 20 gal/acre tips, reduce pump pressure to 40 – 50 psi.

Storage Considerations
Store product out of direct sun and protect from freezing.  If stored for more than a few months,  the product should be agitated – with a pump or air, as described above.  Monthly mixing is best practice.  If using a bulk tank, please contact us for advice on how to set up re-circulation plumbing.