Acres Eco-Ag Highlights

Date:  12/09/2022

Acres conferences always inspire enthusiasm.  With so many progressive agronomists, reasearchers, farmers and consultants present - many new connections are made, both social and intellectual.

Of the many insights and conversations - I will highlight just these few:

Dr Nasha Winters explained the connection between soil health and human health, eloquently showing how humus and human share the same latin root, and hum and humming with energy are also related.  She shared the experience they have had curing cancer with a focus on good food and corrections to our metabolism. Her new book covers this in depth.

John Kempf distilled his messages and research again, in such a practical way, showing how a biological approach improves crop quality and achieves real long-term benefits. The Tuesday workshop presented collaboratively by John and Rick Clark showed the synergies of a minimal input approach and a sophisticated input approach.  We learned how much there is in common between what appears to be opposites.

David Knaus presented his model of the New Paradigm of Crop Production.  From years of sap analysis data, David has discerned some patterns revealing that problems in crop health are usually due to the excess of a nutrient rather than a deficiency.  He's mapped this out into some principles of the new paradigm that's guiding this change in farming.

If you missed it - there's a conference in January that will continue this progressive ag education with some excellent speakers.  The Soilcraft Conference is in Pasco, Washington Jan. 16 - 17. More here: Soilcraft 2023 Conference

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