Apples Saved from Fire Blight

Date:  07/27/2021

When apple orchards suffer from fire blight, a lot of branches or whole trees have to be removed. 

Pacific Gro and biologicals are being used together to save the trees. If applied early through an entire orchard, the disease is controlled and yield is not impacted. Or if the disease is advanced, a lot of wood is pruned, but the trees are saved. This has proven successful on thousands of acres, instead of fungicide.

In Soap Lake, Washington, an orchard of Gala apples was hit bad by fire blight in 2019. A lot of dead wood was pruned, and the biological program was started. The trees have rebounded very well. No signs of blight the next year or in year two.

The apple program there is 5 gal/acre Pacific Gro applied to the soil 3 times in season and once post-harvest, with Tainio Spectrum biologicals and calcium. And weekly foliars include 1 gal/acre Pacific Gro and micronutrients. 

This is another demonstration that balanced, sufficient nutrition and diverse, healthy soil biology can prevent many plant disease issues.


Gala Apples recovered from fire blight, two years after being pruned back to the graft.

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