Better Nutrition from Balanced Soil Nutrition

Date:  12/20/2019

Balancing soil nutrition is important to everyone in the food chain, from farmer to consumer.  Dr. Zach Bush gave a keynote address at the Acres Eco-Farm Conference in Minneapolis, where he discussed nutrient density of our foods, and using food as medicine.  Prevent the problem rather than treat the symptoms. This suggests marketing opportunities for higher quality foods that provide better nutrition.

If minerals are missing in the soils where we produce food, then minerals are also missing in the foods we eat.  Pesticides tie-up key minerals in the soil.  That limits yield, which is costly to the producer. And it reduces the nutrients in the marketable product.  Dr. Zach Bush explained the pathways involved in the nutrient tie-ups. The most notorious pathways involve glyphosate and its secondary break-down products.

I encourage producers to balance their soil nutrition profile and build soil micro-biomes so that plants can become resilient against disease and nutrient deficiencies.

Be prepared; agriculture is changing. As consumers become more aware of the health impacts of nutrient deficiency in their food, consumers’ buying decisions will shift to expect more from farmers.   We will soon face demand for nutrient dense, eco-friendly production models. Innovative growers will be able to benefit from the new expectations.

Pacific Gro is a foundational fertility product that enables you to manage the soil with the proper mineral and biological profile. Pacific Gro has been proven on broad acres and orchards and other crops. Its primary mode of action is to feed the soil biology that makes minerals plant-available and increases humus (stable organic matter).  This improves your crop quality and yields long-term.

Merry Christmas from the Pacific Gro team.