Biological Nutrition Protects Corn against Army Worm

Date:  08/31/2021

A farmer in central Iowa, who has been using biological inputs in a regenerative corn-soybean system for many years protected his corn against army worm without pesticides.

On June 9th non-bt Corn at the V8 stage had significant damage from army worms.  From 20% to 90% of plants were damaged, depending on location in the field.

The grower applied a tank mix of Pacific Gro Sea Phos (1 gal), Sea Crop (0.5 gal), Metagro ST (0.5 gal) in 13 gallons of water, applied foliar.

Results:  Two days after treatment there were no signs of continued feeding.  Only a small number of large worms were alive, but not feeding.  This biological treatment opened up the nutrient pathways, simulated plant growth hormones and enzymes, and created resistance to the insect infestation. Better nutrition improved the plant’s resilience and somehow discouraged the army worms.

In mid-August crop observation, the plant health is very good with no leaf diseases or further insect damage.  This was achieved without the use of fungicides or insecticides.  

We’re seeing this in the field: nutrition produces plant health and resilience to leaf disease and insect infestations.      

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