Continuum Ag field day

Date:  06/29/2021

Continuum Ag
Regenerative field trials

On June 7th, Continuum Ag held a large field day in Washington, Iowa, showing the third year of regenerative trials.  They are demonstrating how to regenerate the soil – by using biological inputs in a system with less chemical inputs.

Pacific Gro is a core input in the trial program, which is producing higher yields with lower production costs, while increasing soil organic matter and soil biological activity.  Expert speakers including Rick Clark, Rick Haney and Russell Hedrick explained how biological inputs improve the system, and how to measure soil health improvements.  Dave Olson of Sustainable Growing Solutions presented the use of microbial inoculants, in stable compost tea with correct microbial ratios and extremely high diversity.  These microbials flourish when fed Pacific Gro.  This program re-builds lost soil biology and makes soils function again – sourcing locked up nutrients, holding water, and deterring disease organisms.To improve our soils and our profitability, a systems approach is needed – a system that includes biological inputs, balances conventional inputs, and changes practices that harm the soil biology.

This new approach can re-generate soil quality and address the environmental, economic, and social challenges of the post-industrial era of agricultural sustainability.

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