Corn Trial with Organic Inputs

Date:  01/04/2022

A 2021 trial on corn in Wisconsin compared 10 treatments using a combination of organic inputs. The control plot had 2 tons/acre of chicken litter pellets, as did all the other plots. Most of the 9 trial treatments had QLF TerraFed with various combinations of other liquid carbon-based fertilizers.  Three of the plots included Pacific Gro Sea Phos – and all 3 were in the top 4 for the highest yield. The top 4 plots had average 240.3 bushel yield (organic corn), compared to 220.5 for the other 6 plots.
Soil moisture was a limiting factor and the crop went through a significant drought period.  
Best results were when Pacific Gro Sea Phos was added to QLF 72TSC (Terrafed) + Super Six + CX-1.  This tank mix resulted in excellent plant vigor and crop growth development.  Vigor is extremely important to organic producers who cannot use pesticide inputs for rescue treatments. Please see our website for more information 2021 Corn Trial Report


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