COVID Pandemic - what could we learn?

Date:  04/02/2020

Oh boy, we’re going through the wringer and it looks like a deep recession is coming. Farmers and their suppliers are deemed essential businesses, and are as busy as ever. But that’s small comfort as fear gets widespread.

Trying to look for any bright side to this cloud, I hope we’ll see a consensus that we need to improve our healthcare system so that insurance and medical care are affordable.

And let’s hope people will become more aware of the importance of healthy nutrition. A healthy diet can prevent disease, or at least help us rebound faster. We should all eat more fruit and vegetables and less junk food.  We should be more aware of the nutrient density of our food.  Few people realize that the nutrients in an apple, carrot or kernel of corn vary by how it’s grown.  Yes, fertility matters not just to yield but also to food quality.

As we’re paying more attention to staying healthy, let’s also help others understand the importance of food quality in your own health.

Could farmers growing nutrient dense food become even more essential to society than the healthcare system?