Great Opportunity to Improve

Date:  03/19/2020

Trace minerals, such as molybdenum, zinc and copper, disable viruses by breaking down proteins.  Crop health can be improved by using the right biological inputs, instead of synthetic inputs, fungicides, seed treatments, insecticides, GMO, and synthetic complex foliar inputs.  A balanced biological program can usher needed nutrients to the plant to keep it healthy and resistant to disease.   This leads to lower costs and higher yields.  The use of some synthetic inputs restricts key yield limiting nutrients from entering the plant, which increases the incidence of disease.

Big Busine$$,  American farmer is like a puppet

The world’s biggest source of crop chemical products is China, which produces 40% of the world’s pesticides.

Syngenta was bought a  year ago by the Chinese state-owned company ChemChina. And other major seed and pesticide companies have recently merged: Bayer with Monsanto and Dow with DuPont.   Powerful enough that they can manipulate prices and supply of products for synthetic input agriculture.   With the trade war and corona virus going on, China may want to use agriculture as a bargaining chip.  This threatens our food security, and makes our farmers a puppet to powerful forces.

This leaves about two-thirds of the world’s seed sales and pesticide production in the hands of very few businesses.   See the alignment and control over your management choices?

We have reached the tipping point, now it is time for ACTION.

 Be the change before it changes you, us!  In the current environment of agriculture and the health of our citizens, it is important to take action to improve high profit, high production agriculture by focusing on what it is missing.   Biology!   A complex web of microbes, enzymes and hormones, that are naturally produced can protect your seed and your crops, provide a more balanced diet of available nutrients, and protect from abiotic and biotic stress.  This increases the genetic potential of your crop.  And it increases profitability.

I encourage everyone to focus on soil microbes, and reduce pesticide use.  Increase the soil biome by using the right diverse biology that is proven.

Foliar feed with a tank mix of diverse biologicals, and reduce or eliminate the use of synthetic inputs.

Using synthetic seed treatments and foliars is not the answer. It sets us a back even farther with more toxins that ruin soil health.   Then you are dependent on more synthetics. This increases costs, making all of us the Puppet.

Farmer focused

Pacific Gro increases the biology and available nutrients, which can reduce and often eliminate the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.  We at Pacific Gro are focused on eliminating the problem, and not treating the symptoms.