Increased Nodulation in Soybeans

Date:  06/30/2020


 At planting the seed trench was treated by using a starter called “whole shot” which is a 6-way nutrient and biological package from Nutrient Management Specialists. During the V1 growth stage, the plot was side dressed with one gallon per acre of Pacific Gro Oceanic.  This combination fed the beneficial microbes in the root zone which surrounded the roots with a healthy soil, increasing nutrient availability, decreasing insects and fungal problems and ultimately increasing yields.        
We observed increased nodulations of vertical and lateral roots, compared to only chemical nutrient seed treatment.  There was reduced stress during warm and dry soil conditions, a quicker recovery from herbicide burn and increased photosynthesis.  Lastly, mycelium was present in the soil — which boosts immunity from pathogens.

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