Increasing Yield with more Pods or Ears per Plant

Date:  10/15/2021

Two growers reported a nice yield increase with a similar observation:  more pea pods and more corn ears per plant.

Cow Peas in Texas 
A Rio Grande Valley grower is seeing 2 to 4 pods on the last terminal bud, consistently throughout the field.  Normal is 1 pod, maybe 2 per terminal bud.  

Organic sweet corn in Washington  
More than half the corn stalks had 2 large ears, in multiple fields.  This farmer produced 7 ½ tons per acre of organic sweet corn – compared to the more typical 4 to 5 tons, and approaching conventional fields’ 9 to 9 ½ tons. The leaves were also large, darker green with a healthy sheen. 

In both cases, the fertility program includes Pacific Gro and compost tea.  The agronomists are thinking beyond NPK and using biology to improve the crop.  And soil quality is also improving.

What’s going on?
These crops have more reproductive energy, which comes from phosphorous aided by biology.  And better nutrient uptake (aided by amino acids, calcium and microbes) enables the fruit to fully develop. 

Using biological inputs helps plants achieve their potential. Growers like what they see and enjoy a great harvest.

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