Making the soil work for you - by increasing Humus

Date:  11/25/2019

Humus is the sweet smelling, chocolate colored substance produced by micro-organisms that serves as their home and support system.  It’s the most stable part of soil organic matter.  But stable doesn’t mean it’s not active.

Humus’ roles include:

  • Store and release essential minerals and nutrients
  • Harbor soil microbes (which deliver nutrients and can reduce pathogens)
  • Increase water holding capacity (which decreases drought stress)
  • Sequester Carbon
  • Cleanse contaminants and prevent nitrate leaching
  • Improve soil aggregation, structure, gas exchange
  • Prevent loss of topsoil, by acting as a ‘glue’

Humus provides the bridge between microbes and minerals, which enables soil to function well. Restoring humus and other soil organic matter is critical to regenerating a healthy soil biome

Stable humus is produced by fungi (including mycorrhizae), through creating a stable bond between humus and clay colloids.  Pacific Gro provides the necessary food and minerals to increase fungal growth and diversity. Humus and fungi together provide plants the symbiotic relationships that enable resilience to stress, disease and insects.