Not all Humates are created equal

Date:  10/11/2019

Humic acid and other humate products are very important inputs, and should be applied with all fertilizer programs.  We strongly recommend using Huma Gro products, tank mixed with Pacific Gro. Some of our most respected crop consultant dealers also appreciate the superiority of Huma Gro.

Huma Gro produces a proprietary micro-carbon that’s organic and biologically active.  It provides a source of carbon that’s an ultra-efficient “vehicle” to move nutrients and other molecules into the plant through the soil and or leaves. It buffers toxins and excess salts, and enables you to reduce fertilizer inputs by increasing fertilizer efficiency.  In simple terms: the smaller the molecule, the more available the nutrient becomes to the plant.

Tank mixed with Pacific Gro or Sea Crop, it’s a powerful tool in lowering costs, improving yields and quality, and improving key soil health metrics.    Super-Charge your crop nutrition program with the correct biology.