Plant Communication - Proven Real

Date:  04/01/2023

The peer-reviewed journal Cell just published research done at Tel Aviv University in 2019 that meaasured the frequencies of signals emitted by plants subjected to stress.

Scientists have validated that plants emit specific frequencies when injured or deprived of water. Though inaudible to humans, these signals are presumably received by insects and other organisms. 

Students of progressive agronomy will not be surprised.  Phil Callahan first published studies of this phenomena in his book Tuning into Nature in 1976.  With this publication in the journal Cell, it is now much more credible - and the mechanisms better understood - that stress reactions by plants are communicated to insects.

This discovery that measured specific frequencies could lead to man-made sensors that can detect when plants are dehydrated, or perhaps also when they're stressed by lack of nutrients.

Read more here: Stressed Plants Scream

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