Regenerative Farming Has Huge Corporate Support

Date:  11/03/2022

The global AgriBusiness Taskforce, part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative (started after Davos in 2020 and led by King Charles), just reported out on the eve of the COP 27.  This group includes the CEO's of Bayer, PepsiCo, Mars, McDonald's and other major multinationals, including Yara, one of the world's largest nitrogen producers.  They are saying that this tranistion to regenerative farming practices must accelerate.  They report that regenerative acreage is already 15% of crop land, and Indigo Ag already has 5.5 million acres in the pipeline for carbon credits.

And these major multinationals now say this transition must triple its acreage by 2030.  They highlight some of the difficulties and barriers - in particular we need to address the knowledge gap and make this more compelling for the average farmer.

So it's clear this transition to more sustainable farming is gaining huge momentum.  That's great motivation for us all to keep working on this transition - prove out the practices and fertility programs at scale.

The taskforce summary report is here:  Global AgriBusiness taskforce report

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