See you at Acres Eco-Ag Conference

Date:  11/07/2022

The Acres conference is always the best and most informative conference for organic and regenerative farming. You can learn so much from the top-notch speakers. 

How can we create a food system that solves for ecosystem health, financial health, and human health and well-being?  It begins with regenerating our soils. 

Find the people, practices, and tools to help you on your journey to a resilient and healthy operation at the Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show. Dec. 5-8 in Covington, Kentucky. You’ll meet and learn from fellow farmers, ranchers and industry leaders who are all working towards these goals. 

The time is now to transform the way we do agriculture.  Register here: 2022 Acres Eco-Ag Conference  See you there!

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