Soil Health Reports in Grape Trial

Date:  02/24/2020

These two reports show two significant findings. First, take a look at the soil health indexes. The treated area shows a soil health score of 55.1 and the non-treated area, 31.1.  The SLAN component of the soil health index measures the amino acid nitrogen content. The  Amino Acid form of N is available and soluble to the plant root, and it’s a more efficient form of nitrogen.  Amino nitrogen saves the plant the energy needed to convert nitrate or ammonium to amino acids - which are always the end use of nitrogen. The microbial community that we’re trying to improve in the soil generates amino nitrogen which is different than your regular nitrate and ammonium forms of nitrogen that is reported in a traditional soil test.

By maintaining plant health with Pacific Gro, root exudates are produced, nutrients become available, diseases are suppressed, and carbon is sequestered by photosynthesis.

See the reports here:  Soil Health in Grapes Lab Reports

Soil Health reports - Treated vs Non-Treated