Soil, Plant & Human Health with Biological Farming

Date:  11/03/2020

Soil health, human health, environmental health, and livestock health are frequent topics of many agriculture publications and conferences. But it’s a “marathon, and not a sprint”. Let’s talk solutions. Most of us know the problems, but let’s keep score, and measure the economic value of soil health using a program and not one solution in a jug or one management decision.


Years of farming practices have resulted in weak malnourished plants, causing most growers to apply more water-soluble fertilizers. Plant diseases and weeds force producers to use expensive seeds with genetic traits, while disregarding the issues in the soil.  Malnourished plants can cause people’s health to decline, some faster than others.  Same goes for livestock production.  This leads to high amounts of pharmaceuticals, feed additives (supplements), doctor and veterinarian costs.  


Change the pathogens by changing the soil microbe community. Let’s turn it around, “flip the script”, and improve our “ground game”.  We must focus on profit over convenience.   

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