Strawberries still producing on January 1st

Date:  01/03/2020

Diverse Soil Biology stimulates nutrient availability and ROI

Strawberries, Jan 1st in Santa Maria Valley of California. These berry plants are reaching the “hardening off” stage, losing their vitality, and near the end of their very productive life.  That’s the normal life cycle of the plant.  In fields treated with Pacific Gro and Metagro ST, the plants were still thriving, producing berries, and the farms were still picking berries.  Most other farms in the area were done.  So this farm got a nice late season return and good prices.

This is a good example of the importance of Pacific Gro as a foundational biological product. By building soil life, Pacific Gro has stimulated nutrient availability and lengthened the growing season.  This makes your crop, whatever it may be, more productive and resilient to stress  - increasing your return on investment.

See the report and photos here: Strawberries in January