Strawberry Growth Boosted with Biology

Date:  02/05/2020

Here we have two blocks of strawberries that have the same nutritional profile, but different biological profiles. Both planted on the same day, in the same field, just ten feet from each other. They both endured cold and wet weather during their growing periods.

The photo of strawberries that looks green and healthy was treated with Pacific Gro and Metagro ST as biological inputs. The other, less healthy-looking strawberries were not treated with any biology, only nutrition. As you can see, the healthy strawberries are growing well and have more stress resistance. 

Pacific Gro treated strawberries are much stronger, due to Pacific Gro’s effect on the soil microbes and on the plants’ natural produced hormones that stimulate nutrient uptake.  Pacific Gro’s fish oil and other marine nutrients feed soil microbes, developing stronger and more diverse populations, which in turn deliver nutrients to plants. The amino acids chelate nutrients including calcium, which improves nutrient uptake. Pacific Gro stimulates plants’ hormones and immune functions to resist stress. For example, auxins stimulate root hair growth, which improves nutrient availability; cytokinins promote the reproductive stages of the strawberry. 

The strawberries not treated with Pacific Gro have very poor health. They were not able to handle the stress of the cold, wet weather as well as the Pacific Gro and Metagro ST treated plants.