Study shows Improved Profits in Biological Farming Systems

Date:  09/23/2021

The Soil Health Institute presents their study results in a free webinar on Sept 30th. register here: Soil Health Institute Study of 100 mid-west farmers 

100 farmers across 9 states, with 194,000 acres - 85% of the acres are farmed no-till, 53% have cover crops.  Two-thirds of the farmers reported increased yield from the soil health management system.  Lower Input Cost - (on average $24 less to grow corn, $16.57 less to grow soybeans) - produced higher profit for 85% of the farms.

And there were other benefits too, including better resilience to extreme weather and better access to their fields. Farming with biology in mind is a win-win-win.  We're seeing it at large-scale, and the Soil Health Institute has documented success across nearly 200,000 acres.

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