A New Paradigm of Crop Nutrition

Date:  02/28/2023

Biological farming, with nutrients in balance and microbes in force, is becoming well understood as a new Paradigm of Crop Nutrition.  To understand nutrient imbalances in the crop - deficiencies and antagonisms, Sap Analysis is an invaluable tool.

David Knaus of Apical Crop Solutions presents the complexity of this emerging understanding of crop nutrition in an excellent webinar series. The series continues through March:   Apical website - Webinar 

The Feb 28 webinar presented some examples of disease symptoms due to or correlated with nutrient excesses:  like Chloride related to mildew and rusts, Aluminum related to root pathogens, Potassium related to soft fruit, and Sodium related to nematode problems. 

Fascinating insights indeed.  And with the power of Apical's Leaf Extract Analysis, there's extensive data revealing the cause of many crop disease and pest issues.  This new paradigm also shows us a route to sustainable solutions.

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