The Terraton Iniative by Indigo Ag

Date:  11/15/2019

Indigo Ag just published an article about their Terraton Initiative, which is an aggressive and well-funded effort to improve agriculture while also helping solve the climate change crisis.  The article (posted at our website) makes the case that it’s possible for farming to pull most of the excess carbon out of the atmosphere and return it to the soil.  Read the article here: Can farmers and ranchers pull one trillion tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere?

Increasing soil organic matter globally from 1%, which is common in cultivated fields, to 3%, which is common in virgin soils, would sequester 1 trillion tons of CO-2.  Organically farmed fields often achieve over 5% soil organic matter. This is huge for the climate challenge.  It’s also very beneficial for farming – enabling more water retention, nutrient availability and soil microbial life.

This potential has inspired me personally to work in regenerative agriculture.  Pacific Gro is a core input to improve soil health and farm economics.  These books have explained how improving the soil is the key solution:  The Soil Will Save Us by Kristin Ohlson 2014, Kiss the Ground by Josh Tickell 2017, Growing a Revolution by David Montgomery 2017.

Now with the agronomic expertise of organic agriculture’s thought leaders, and the scale of Indigo Ag, we can accomplish this.

Warren Shoemaker, Director of Marketing