Watermelon Yield

Date:  06/29/2021

Watermelon yield increased more than 30% in Edinburg, Texas – in a biological program using compost tea (microbes), Pacific Gro Sea Phos, foliar applied nutrients, and reduced NPK.  Watermelon yield was 61,000 lbs. at harvest, plus we expect an additional 10,000 lbs. in 2 – 3 more cuttings, compared to 50,000 lb. normal yield.

Each plant produced 33 lbs. on average, compared to the 25 lb. historical norm.

This crop was planted after the February freeze, and with this biological program was able to mature quicker and catch the pre-Memorial Day higher price market.

The fertility program was provided by Brad Forkner of Nutrient Management Specialists.

Oh – and the watermelons were nice and sweet too.  11 brix versus the usual 9 brix.

This is another large-scale demonstration of adding biological inputs to conventional production, using a systems approach to increase yield and profits, while improving soil quality and soil health.  Biologicals open up the nutrient pathways.

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