Crop Input Financing

Farms can now finance Pacific Gro crop inputs for the 2023 crop season.  First Mid bank offers Prime + 0.5% plus a 0.5% loan fee, and is accepting applications now.  There's a 1 page application form available on our website as a PDF here: Crop Input Financing Application and also at their website here: First Mid Crop Input Financing.  You would apply directly with First Mid Bank, by email, mail or online.

Loans are available for up to the complete delivered price, and may be re-paid at any time until Dec. 15, 2023.  There's no early payment penalty. Please ask your dealer for a quote for your intended annual purchase including estimated shipping.  Bear in mind that shipping  can not be quoted firm more than a few weeks prior to shipment.  The minimum loan size is $5,000.

Fast approval in just a few days for loans up to $150,000.  Loans greater than that require historical tax returns and other financial information.

If the loan is obtained during December or the first few days of January, we will provide a 5% pre-purchase discount. (Funds must be received by Jan. 6, 2023 to receive the discount).

We will schedule the shipment with your dealer.  Upon each shipment, we will invoice your dealer for the shipping cost and actual gallons shipped, apply the loan proceeds, and deduct the 0.5% loan fee.  Your dealer will then settle up with you.

We hope you find this helpful and look forward to helping you have a successful season.