Pacific Gro Oceanic Hydrolysate 2-2-0.3 with 10% Biochar


Biochar in liquid suspension, loaded with nutrients from ocean fish and crab, and vortexed together to solubilize the carbon in a colloidal suspension.

Facilitates humic formation to build up soil organic matter and improve soil tilth, particularly by growth of fungal hyphae.

A valuable fertilizer / amendment for transitioning ground to organic practices, because of its tilth and soil biology benefits.  Also improves sandy soil.

Biochar increases the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of soil, which protects nutrients from leaching away and presents them in plant available form.

Particularly effective in combination with mycorrhizal fungi.

Screened to 150 mesh for use in irrigation and sprayers

OMRI Listed for Organic Food Production   (OMRI number pac-6470)

Not available in California