Biological Fertilizer After Harvest

Fertilizing orchards and berry fields after harvest is becoming widely practiced by leading growers. Any plant intended to survive winter can replenish and store nutrients in its root tissues and woody stems. This is vital to protect against an early freeze and to set the table for a big yield the next season.

The bud set for many woody plants is determined by how much energy is available post harvest. Low availability of carbohydrates in Fall can limit the next season’s production. This is often noticed as alternating years of high and low yield harvests. 

Post-harvest application is also used in annual cropping systems.  Pacific Gro Oceanic is often applied with a microbial product and molasses to accelerate digestion of crop residue into soil and nutrients.

Stored energy is available for early growth before the ground may have warmed up, or before you can access your fields. And the nutrients are also helping the plant capture more solar energy while it still has foliage, to feed the soil biology through its roots. A diverse and healthy soil food web will feed the plant in turn.

While all nutrients are important in balance, Calcium and Nitrogen in amino acid or peptide form are particularly important to have in reserve.  Pacific Gro delivers these crucial nutrients very effectively.  And it has 10% to 15% fish oil and other fatty acids, which are high-energy nutrients, particularly for fungi. Woody perennials do best in soils with healthy fungal populations.  Fungi (like mycorrhizae) help mine nutrients for plants, increase organic matter as they grow, and ward off pathogens. These benefits make Pacific Gro an excellent post-harvest fertilizer.