Pacific Gro Products

Pacific Gro’s organic fertilizer enhances crop yield and quality by stimulating beneficial microbes and improving soil health. Farmers that understand biological farming practices know there is a lot more at work than what’s measured by NPK conventions.

Organic farming is growing rapidly. And the use of agro-ecological practices in place of many chemical practices is growing even faster!  In fact, over half of our sales are to farms that use biological practices but are not certified organic.  This trend is restoring soil health and adding carbon back to the soil.

Pacific Gro Oceanic and Sea Phos Hydrolysate products are suitable for use in fertigation, drip irrigation and foliar spray equipment. Achieving suspension of micronized crab and shrimp shell in a liquid that will not clog fertigation emitters is an innovation unique to Pacific Gro.

  • Provides nutrients and facilitates nutrient uptake
  • Regenerates soil that’s been depleted
  • Feeds soil and foliar microbial life
  • Improves fertilizer efficiency
  • Increases water retention

Pacific Gro Product Detail & Specifications